Managed funds for long term investors

Forager is an independently-owned funds management business focused on protecting and creating wealth for our clients. Previously we were called Intelligent Investor Funds and part of the Intelligent Investor family. The businesses separated and we renamed ourselves Forager on 1 July 2014.

The name Forager reflects our investment process. Our team of investment professionals scour the world’s stock markets foraging for opportunities to add to our portfolios of mispriced securities.

There are two funds available to retail investors; the domestic Forager Australian Shares Fund and the global Forager International Shares Fund.

Australian Shares Fund

Established in October 2009, the Australian Shares Fund is a concentrated portfolio of what we believe are the cheapest stocks on the ASX.

The Australian Fund typically owns a relatively small number of stocks (less than 20) and these stocks can be small and illiquid. At times it could also hold large amounts of cash. This concentrated, selective, flexible approach is how we expect to achieve superior long-term returns.

Since inception the Australian Fund has returned 13.8% per annum*, well ahead of the 7.2% return of the All Ordinaries Accumulation Index.

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International Shares Fund

The International Shares Fund was launched in February 2013 and provides Australian investors with unhedged access to a global portfolio of value stocks. The fund typically holds 20-40 securities and is a combination of high quality, blue-chip global franchises and smaller traditional value stocks.

Whilst the Fund has a very broad mandate, in practice, and particularly in the early years, the Fund will predominantly invest in developed countries with stable political environments including the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Western Europe, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea.

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*Inception 1 November 2009.
Past performance is not a reliable indication of future results.