Breakfast Burritos and Boom Time Stocks

June 26, 2024

In episode 31 of Stocks Neat, Portfolio Manager Gareth Brown and CIO Steve Johnson discuss Nvidia’s unprecedented rise, the recent Guzman y Gomez IPO, current investor sentiment and macroeconomic concerns.

They examine the future competitive landscape of the AI chip space and Guzman’s plans for global expansion. Moving onto the whiskey tasting, they then test a Glenturret whiskey from the "supposed" oldest distillery in Scotland.

The episode also features a discussion of geopolitical risks and the implications of government policy. Rather than looking at any policy changes from a market wide perspective, they argue that investors should focus on how that change may affect specific sectors. Listen to the full episode to find out more.

“If you can put aside the fear of missing out, there’s plenty to do in a world where investors are apathetic to 95% of stocks”.

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