Running with the Uranium Bulls

September 28, 2023

In episode 22 of Stocks Neat, Co-Portfolio Manager Harvey Migotti and CIO Steve Johnson sit down to discuss the growing interest in uranium, with the spot uranium price up almost 10% since the start of August and 27% so far in 2023. It has been a tough period for uranium investors over the last few years, with no new mine supply and rock bottom prices, investment in the sector had fallen to an all-time low. However, due to a number of factors, including the increased acceptance of nuclear energy as a cleaner and safer form of energy, it seems like things are finally starting to go right in this space.

Forager identified an attractive setup for uranium back in 2021 and has been invested in the sector since, but what do Steve and Harvey think is in store for the sector from here? And what is their preferred way to get exposure to this theme?

Listen to the full episode to find out.

“Just as an aside for people, so one gummy bear-sized uranium pellet produces the equivalent amount of energy that’s burning one tonne of coal or consuming three barrels of oil.
I think the politicians are realizing that this is such a crucial piece of the puzzle to get to some sort of carbon neutrality or reduced emissions over the next couple of decades.“

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